Healthcare is not free. So a successful national healthcare plan has to not only address costs, it has to decide who will pay and how.

How are American businesses being cheated by the Affordable Care Act and for-profit insurance companies?

In large part, it is with the 80/20 rule insurance companies had inserted into the thousands of pages that make up the Act. 

Republicans say they don’t like a rule that requires insurance companies to spend 80 percent of the premiums they collect on healthcare. They say limiting private health insurance companies to profits that do not exceed 20 percent of spending is unfair to business.

The truth is, limiting profits to a percentage of spending rewards fraud, corruption, inefficiency, waste, and monopoly drug prices. 

Why? Because the more heath insurance companies spend, the more profits they can collect. 

If an insurance company collects $1 million in premiums, the company is limited to profits of $200,000. If the company collects $2 million in premiums and can spend $1.6 million on its clients medical expenses, it can have profits of $400,000.

Therefore, every dollar spent on fraud, corruption, inefficiency, waste, and monopoly drug prices lets for-profit insurance companies put more profits in their pockets. Which is why health insurance companies love monopoly drug prices.

Where do they get the extra revenue to pay for the corruption and fraud that lets them make greater profits? By increasing the premiums paid by American businesses that cover all or part of their employees’ health insurance premiums. 

That’s why we want to replace the Affordable Care Act with National Health Insurance, a nonpartisan solution to America’s healthcare problems that is better than what we have, better than what we had, better than Medicare For All, and better than anything else we have seen.

It’s good for Democrats because everyone is covered, it ends bankruptcies caused by medical bills, controls monopoly drug prices, reduces insurance premiums, fights poverty, and by increasing economic growth, it fits President Kennedy‘s idea that a rising tide lifts all boats. 

It’s good for Republicans because it is not a government takeover of healthcare, it is not socialized medicine, it is simply a better insurance company that is good for business, increases America’s competitiveness in the world economy, increases incomes, profits, and economic growth, does not add to government spending or taxes, avoids the massive disruption of an overnight change, and fits Jack Kemp's idea that a rising tide lifts all boats.

It's good for independents and those who belong to other parties for all the same reasons. 

It is not a government takeover of health care; it is a better health insurance company.

And because it is paid for by cutting insurance premiums paid by American businesses in half by eliminating waste, inefficiency, fraud, and corruption, and by controlling monopoly drug prices, it will not cost trillions of dollars or add to government spending or taxes.

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