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America has the best doctors, the best hospitals, and the best pharmaceutical companies in the world. What we do not have is health care determined by need rather than by the profits of corporate health insurance companies. But we can. We call it National Health Insurance. It is not a government takeover of healthcare. It is not socialized medicine. It will not cost trillions of dollars.

Instead of trying to put everyone on Medicare, which will cost trillions of dollars and could put Medicare at risk, our solution leaves Medicare and Medicaid alone and creates a new government health insurance agency that eliminates corruption, fraud, waste, and multi-million dollar CEO salaries and uses the savings to offer better coverage and lower premiums to everyone, and to also cover the currently uninsured.

It is better than what we have, better than what we had, better than Medicare for all, includes everyone, provides better coverage and lower premiums, is not a government takeover of healthcar…

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