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How to have the world's best healthcare without raising taxes

The economic solution to America’s healthcare problem is as simple as having government create a new health insurance agency that eliminates corruption, fraud, waste, and multi-million dollar CEO salaries and uses the savings to offer better coverage, cut premiums in half, and cover the currently uninsured.

After researching the top-ranked healthcare systems in other countries and looking carefully at the various ideas being offered by American politicians, we concluded that the best answer is just that simple.

It is not a government takeover of healthcare. It is not socialized medicine. It is not Medicare for all. It will not cost trillions of dollars. And because it is paid for with premiums, it will not add to government spending or taxes. 

But it will add to people's spendable income, increase profits, increase exports, decrease imports, increase tax revenues without changing tax rates, and add at least one to two percentage points to economic growth.

We call it National Health In…

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